Scopus Indexed Social Science Journals In India

Here in this post, you will find an updated list of Scopus Indexed Social Science Journals in India. You can also download the below list following the PDF link

What is Scopus?

Scopus is currently the most popular and largest abstract and bibliographic database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books, conference proceedings, trade publications, book series, scientific web pages, and patient records.

Scopus was launched in 2004 and includes articles published from 1966 onwards. Apart from Scopus, other popular journal indexing databases are Google Scholar, Web of Science, NIH/NLM, PubMed, DOAJ.

How many Indian Journals are indexed in Scopus?

As of May 2022, there are 26,228 active journals in the Scopus database, and 23,233 journals publish articles in English. Of the total number of active journals, 5,239 journals are open access journals. 536 of those journals are added only in May 2022.

List of scopus indexed journal

Out of these 23,233 journals, there are 484 Indian journals indexed in Scopus, and 45 of them belong to Social Science Filed. Below you will find the detailed list of journals in Social Science in India

List of Scopus Indexed Social Science Journals in India

Sl. No.Journal TitleSJRH-indexCiteScore
1Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing0.405 Q2442.27
2International Journal of Rural Management0.372 Q2111.23
3Contributions to Indian Sociology0.353 Q2301.00
4Economic and Political Weekly0.339 Q2610.37
5Journal of Education and Health Promotion0.331 Q3111.60
6South Asia Research0.303 Q2180.54
7DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology0.288 Q2161.67
8Education for Health: Change in Learning and Practice0.287 Q3340.52
9International Journal of Cyber Criminology0.284 Q2180.79
10Journal of Mid-Life Health0.283 Q3131.15
11Indian Journal of Gender Studies0.280 Q1210.62
12Journal of South Asian Development0.247 Q3140.62
13Annals of Library and Information Studies0.231 Q3151.42
14Resonance0.218 Q3170.38
15Journal of Engineering Education Transformations0.214 Q370.49
16India Quarterly0.213 Q390.54
17Journal of Scientometric Research0.205 Q351.11
18China Report0.202 Q3140.71
19Asia Pacific Media Educator0.196 Q3100.71
20Indian Journal of Human Development0.196 Q390.97
21Indian Journal of Economics and Development0.179 Q430.30
22Journal of Intellectual Property Rights0.178 Q3140.08
23International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences0.176 Q340.15
24Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine0.174 Q370.27
25Contemporary Education Dialogue0.172 Q460.32
26Journal of Human Values0.167 Q2150.39
27Journal of Content, Community and Communication0.166 Q360.71
28Social Change0.165 Q3130.51
29International Journal of Academic Medicine0.160 Q420.49
30Society and Culture in South Asia0.160 Q240.30
31Disaster Advances0.158 Q4170.30
32Studies on Ethno-Medicine0.153 Q2200.34
33Sociological Bulletin0.147 Q220.13
34IUP Journal of English Studies0.122 Q330.40
35International Journal of Development and Conflict0.118 Q430.17
36Higher Education for the Future0.116 Q440.82
37Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research0.114 Q480.33
38Mathematics Student0.113 Q410.10
39Transactions of the Institute of Indian Geographers0.111 Q460.09
40Indian Journal of Social Work0.108 Q480.03
41Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics0.106 Q4200.19
42Journal of Rural Development0.106 Q480.04
43Anil Aggrawal’s Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology0.102 Q4110.15
44Punjab Geographer0.102 Q410.10
45Asian Journal of Social Health and Behavior 50.00

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