Scopus Indexed Indian Journals

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What is Scopus?

Scopus is currently the most popular and largest abstract and bibliographic database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books, conference proceedings, trade publications, book series, scientific web pages, and patient records.

Scopus was launched in 2004 and includes articles published from 1966 onwards. Apart from Scopus, other popular journal indexing databases are Google Scholar, Web of Science, NIH/NLM, PubMed, DOAJ.

How many Indian Journals are indexed in Scopus?

As of May 2022, there are 26,228 active journals in the Scopus database, and 23,233 journals publish articles in English. Of the total number of active journals, 5,239 journals are open access journals. 536 of those journals are added only in May 2022.

List of scopus indexed journal

Out of these 23,233 journals, there are 484 Indian journals indexed in Scopus. Below you will find the top 50 Scopus Indexed Indian Journals

Sl. No.Journal TitleSJRCiteScore
1Hepatology International1.555 Q17.31
2Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management1.176 Q17.02
3Chemical Biology Letters0.401 Q35.70
4Animal Frontiers1.017 Q15.31
5International Journal of Artificial Intelligence1.680 Q13.81
6Indian Journal of Microbiology0.602 Q33.73
7Journal of Food Science and Technology0.640 Q23.51
8VirusDisease0.488 Q33.39
9International Journal of Plastics Technology0.314 Q33.31
10Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants0.564 Q23.08
11Journal of Pathology Informatics0.962 Q13.04
12Endoscopic Ultrasound1.001 Q12.90
13Journal of Entrepreneurship0.520 Q22.69
14Pramana – Journal of Physics0.481 Q22.69
15Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine0.402 Q32.62
16Asian Journal of Andrology0.605 Q22.61
17Indian Journal of Pediatrics0.699 Q22.59
18Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences0.568 Q12.57
19Conservation and Society0.925 Q12.51
20Indian Journal of Pharmacology0.400 Q32.41
21Journal of Biosciences0.568 Q12.41
22Journal of Carcinogenesis0.444 Q32.38
23Journal of Family and Community Medicine0.559 Q22.36
24Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology0.603 Q32.36
25WHO South-East Asia journal of public health0.758 Q22.36
26FIIB Business Review0.327 Q32.29
27Indian Journal of Medical Research0.907 Q12.27
28Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing0.405 Q22.27
29Medical Gas Research0.449 Q22.26
30Journal of Health Management0.330 Q32.24
31Journal of the Indian Institute of Science0.391 Q22.23
32Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry0.380 Q32.22
33Sugar Tech0.435 Q22.21
34World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine0.309 Q22.20
35Global Business Review0.450 Q22.19
36International Journal of Preventive Medicine0.524 Q22.12
37International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications0.355 Q32.11
38OPSEARCH0.416 Q22.11
39Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction0.209 Q32.10
40Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research0.310 Q32.07
41International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management0.430 Q22.02
42Science, Technology and Society0.380 Q22.02
43Asia-Pacific Journal of Oncology Nursing0.521 Q31.99
44Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences0.451 Q31.98
45Veterinary World0.457 Q21.98
46Journal of Earth System Science0.470 Q21.95
47Annals of Thoracic Medicine0.486 Q21.93
48Indian Journal of Physics0.294 Q31.93
49Journal of Global Infectious Diseases0.557 Q31.92
50Journal of Chemical Sciences0.332 Q31.90

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