Scopus Indexed Social Science Journals

Here in this post, you will find an updated list of Scopus Indexed Social Science Journals. You can also download the below list following the PDF link

What is Scopus?

Scopus is currently the most popular and largest abstract and bibliographic database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books, conference proceedings, trade publications, book series, scientific web pages, and patient records.

Scopus was launched in 2004 and includes articles published from 1966 onwards. Apart from Scopus, other popular journal indexing databases are Google Scholar, Web of Science, NIH/NLM, PubMed, DOAJ.

How many Indian Journals are indexed in Scopus?

As of May 2022, there are 26,228 active journals in the Scopus database, and 23,233 journals publish articles in English. Of the total number of active journals, 5,239 journals are open access journals. 536 of those journals are added only in May 2022.

List of scopus indexed journal

Out of these 23,233 journals, there are 9,598 Social Science Journals Indexed in Scopus. Below you will find the detailed list of the top 100 journals in Social Science indexed in Scopus. You can also download the detailed list of all the 9,598 Social Science Journals following the PDF link given below.

List of Scopus Indexed Social Science Journals

Sl. No. Source Title  2021
Publisher’s Name
1 Psychological Science in the Public Interest, Supplement 49.6 SAGE Publications Inc.
2 MMWR Surveillance Summaries 43.9 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
3 Annual Review of Psychology 40.6 Annual Reviews Inc.
4 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 36.1 US Department of Health and Human Services
5 Nature Climate Change 32.4 Nature Publishing Group
6 Nature Sustainability 30.7 Nature Publishing Group
7 Trends in Cognitive Sciences 29.3 Elsevier BV
8 International Journal of Information Management 28.8 Elsevier Ltd.
9 Psychological Bulletin 28.6 American Psychological Association
10 Personality and Social Psychology Review 28.0 SAGE Publications
11 International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology 27.1 Taylor and Francis
12 Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior 26.6 Annual Reviews Inc.
13 Academy of Management Annals 26.2 Academy of Management
14 Quarterly Journal of Economics 23.7 Oxford University Press
15 Journal of Strategic Information Systems 22.6 Elsevier BV
16 The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health 21.7 The Lancet Publishing Group
17 International Journal of Management Reviews 21.6 Blackwell Publishing Inc.
18 Journal of Management 21.0 SAGE Publications
19 Journal of Industrial Information Integration 20.9 Elsevier BV
20 The Lancet Digital Health 20.5 The Lancet Publishing Group
21 The Lancet Planetary Health 20.5 The Lancet Publishing Group
22 Review of Educational Research 20.3 SAGE Publications
23 Computers and Education 19.8 Elsevier Ltd.
24 Tourism Management 19.8 Butterworth-Heinemann
25 Nature Human Behaviour 19.2 Nature Publishing Group
26 Decision Making: Applications in Management and Engineering 18.1 Regional Association for Security and crisis management
27 Analytic Methods in Accident Research 17.9 Elsevier BV
28 Resources, Conservation and Recycling 17.9 Elsevier BV
29 California Management Review 17.3 University of California at Berkeley
30 Clinical Psychology Review 17.1 Elsevier Ltd.
31 Journal of Innovation and Knowledge 17.0 Elsevier BV
32 Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics 17.0 S. Karger AG
33 Psychological Methods 16.9 American Psychological Association
34 Administrative Science Quarterly 16.8 Cornell University Press
35 Internet and Higher Education 16.8 Elsevier Ltd.
36 Transport Reviews 16.5 Taylor & Francis
37 Perspectives on Psychological Science 16.4 SAGE Publications
38 Journal of Service Research 16.3 SAGE Publications
39 Leadership Quarterly 16.2 Elsevier Ltd.
40 Journal of Service Management 16.1 Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
41 Educational Research Review 15.8 Elsevier BV
42 Journal of Cleaner Production 15.8 Elsevier BV
43 Social Issues and Policy Review 15.8 Blackwell Publishing Inc.
44 Educational Psychologist 15.7 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc.
45 Global Environmental Change 15.7 Elsevier BV
46 Journal of Marketing 15.7 SAGE Publications
47 Journal of Economic Literature 15.4 American Economic Association
48 Academy of Management Journal 15.3 Academy of Management
49 Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 15.2 Springer New York LLC
50 Journal of International Business Studies 15.1 Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.
51 Journal of Travel Research 15.1 SAGE Publications
52 American Economic Review 15.0 American Economic Association
53 Artificial Intelligence Review 14.9 Kluwer Academic Publishers
54 Computers in Human Behavior 14.9 Elsevier Ltd.
55 MMWR Recommendations and Reports 14.7 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
56 Transportation Research, Part C: Emerging Technologies 14.7 Elsevier Ltd.
57 Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science 14.6 SAGE Publications Inc.
58 International Journal of Production Research 14.6 Taylor & Francis
59 Journal of Business Venturing 14.6 Elsevier BV
60 Organizational Research Methods 14.6 SAGE Publications
61 Government Information Quarterly 14.5 Elsevier Ltd.
62 Resources, Conservation and Recycling: X 14.5 Elsevier BV
63 WIREs Climate Change 14.5 John Wiley & Sons Inc.
64 eTransportation 14.4 Elsevier BV
65 Journal of Big Data 14.4 Springer Open
66 Long Range Planning 14.4 Elsevier Ltd.
67 Sustainable Cities and Society 14.4 Elsevier BV
68 International Journal of Production Economics 14.3 Elsevier BV
69 Tourism Geographies 14.3 Routledge
70 Annual Review of Criminology 14.0 Annual Reviews Inc.
71 Business Horizons 14.0 Elsevier BV
72 Human Resource Management Review 14.0 Elsevier Ltd.
73 International Journal of Project Management 14.0 Elsevier Ltd.
74 Progress in Human Geography 14.0 SAGE Publications
75 Psychological Review 14.0 American Psychological Association
76 Research Policy 14.0 Elsevier BV
77 Journal of Economic Perspectives 13.9 American Economic Association
78 Journal of Management Information Systems 13.9 M.E. Sharpe Inc.
79 New Media and Society 13.9 SAGE Publications
80 European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal Context 13.8 Elsevier Espana
81 Health Psychology Review 13.8 Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
82 Journal of Sustainable Tourism 13.8 Taylor & Francis
83 Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice 13.7 Wiley-Blackwell
84 Technological Forecasting and Social Change 13.7 Elsevier BV
85 IEEE Transactions on Services Computing 13.6 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
86 Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 13.6 John Wiley and Sons Inc.
87 Trauma, Violence and Abuse 13.6 SAGE Publications
88 Academy of Management Review 13.4 Academy of Management
89 American Sociological Review 13.4 SAGE Publications
90 NJAS – Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences 13.4 Taylor and Francis Ltd.
91 Supply Chain Management 13.4 Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
92 Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 13.3 Elsevier BV
93 Digital Journalism 13.2 Taylor and Francis Ltd.
94 Strategic Management Journal 13.2 John Wiley & Sons Inc.
95 European Business Review 13.1 Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
96 Information and Management 13.1 Elsevier BV
97 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines 13.1 Blackwell Publishing Inc.
98 Journal of Political Economy 13.1 University of Chicago Press
99 MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems 13.1 University of Minnesota
100 Annals of Mathematics 13.0 Department of Mathematics at Princeton University

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